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Oracle Provided PATCH Analyzer for Oracle Provided PATCH’s

Hey, With this article of mine I would like to guide you through the steps that are involved to analyze a PATCH that is suggested by Oracle for the impact set of files in our current working system. Note the Patch Analyzer is a built in tool provided by oracle I am just guiding through … Continue reading

Oracle Project Accounting R12 Basics

Hey, Here is an article for understanding and gaining the basics of Oracle Project Accounting R12. Link: Project Accounting Basic Details Thanks !!!

Difference Between Oracle R12.2 and R12.1 Release

Some difference that I came across between Oracle R12.2.5 and R12.1.3, Though these are simple differences and many might be aware of these changes. But wanted to bring it forward with these few bullet points below: Online Patching – R12.2 has 3 File System – RUN – FS1, PATCH – FS2 and FS_NE FS Non Edition … Continue reading

Simple Debugging Mechanism for PL/SQL Code Pack.

This article would help us while we trying to debug any existing package or trying to understand the functionality of a existing PL/SQL Object. Though its very simple but this 3 steps would easy guide you to debug when asked to do so. — Table Creation Script CREATE TABLE apps.xx_log_tbl ( name VARCHAR2 (100), msg … Continue reading

Password Protection for PDF Output (XML Publisher Output) Generated from a Concurrent Program

How to enable Password Protection for a PDF Output when invoked from a Concurrent Program which is build using XML Publisher Tool Link: Password Protect PDF Output generated from Concurrent Program Please do share your feedbacks its highly appreciated…  Thanks…

Masking the Data for a Column for a Specific Schema using the RLS Policy

Here is the link Masking the Data for a Column for a Specific Schema using the RLS Policy Thanks !!!!!

Setting MOAC Compliance using RLS Policy for a Custom Object

Continuing with the concept of MOAC that was shared in my earlier article “MOAC (MULTI ORG ACCESS CONTROL)”,going forward if by any chance you would like to add a Custom Created Object to MOAC Compliance. Refer the Link: Setting MOAC Compliance using RLS Policy for a Custom Object Thanks….

Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12.2.5

This article would guide you through to understand the Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12.2.5. Refer the link : Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12 Thank you….

Setting a Custom Font for XML Publisher RTF Report in R12

Hello For all my blog followers here is an article on how to setup the custom font for a XML Publisher RTF Report as a PDF Output. Click on the link : XML Publisher Font Setup   Please do suggest if any, always open for suggestions Thanks.. Happy Learning…

Basic Setup’s Required for Auto Invoice Program in AR

Auto Invoice Program in AR and the Basic Setup’s Required Here we gona understand why we run the Auto Invoice Program and the setup’s required prior to submitting the Auto Invoice Program. Auto Invoice Program is run basically to generate a Financial Transaction, through this program the transactions are created, once the Sales order is … Continue reading