Setting MOAC Compliance using RLS Policy for a Custom Object

Continuing with the concept of MOAC that was shared in my earlier article “MOAC (MULTI ORG ACCESS CONTROL)”,going forward if by any chance you would like to add a Custom Created Object to MOAC Compliance. Refer the Link: Setting MOAC Compliance using RLS Policy for a Custom Object Thanks…. Advertisements

Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12.2.5

This article would guide you through to understand the Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12.2.5. Refer the link : Process of Invoice to Payment in Accounts Payable using PPR process in R12 Thank you….

Setting a Custom Font for XML Publisher RTF Report in R12

Hello For all my blog followers here is an article on how to setup the custom font for a XML Publisher RTF Report as a PDF Output. Click on the link : XML Publisher Font Setup   Please do suggest if any, always open for suggestions Thanks.. Happy Learning…

Basic Setup’s Required for Auto Invoice Program in AR

Auto Invoice Program in AR and the Basic Setup’s Required Here we gona understand why we run the Auto Invoice Program and the setup’s required prior to submitting the Auto Invoice Program. Auto Invoice Program is run basically to generate a Financial Transaction, through this program the transactions are created, once the Sales order is … Continue reading

Beginning to Work with Oracle WEB-ADI — Basics

With this article of mine wanted to make you familiar with a built in tool provided by Oracle to load the data into the application using a simple Excel Upload, this is Oracle WEB-ADI (WEB Application Desktop Integrator). I know many would already be aware of this technology, but still wanted to make it handy … Continue reading

Enabling and Disabling a Parameter of a Concurrent Program at Runtime

Enabling and Disabling a Parameter of a Concurrent Program at Runtime Recently during one of my development task there was a request for having the Functionality to Enable or Disable the parameter of a Concurrent Program at runtime, this could be very easily achieved. Here is my blog post for the readers if anyone wants to … Continue reading

Printing the Header Template in all the Pages in XML Report RTF File

Header to be printed on all the pages In RTF File I recently had a requirement to define a customized header  template to be printed in all the pages, this can be defined by using the below approach To start with define the said header template in the Body section between the below Tags: <?template:Header?> … Continue reading

Understanding the Process of DATA LOADER Tool

Hey Friends, With this Article of mine you would get familiar to use DATA LOADER Tool to load data to Oracle Application Forms in just one click. This will give you a idea how to use the tool and build your own DLD file as per the requirement. Click to access the Document: Understanding DATA LOADER … Continue reading

Revenue Recognition Process and Flow Functionality

With this article of mine the readers and followers of my blog would be benefited to understand the process of Revenue Recognition in R12. Click on the Link as below to access the document: Revenue Recognition Process and Flow Suggestions on this article are highly appreciated…. Happy Learning!!!!

Script To Add a List of Responsibility to Once User

SCRIPT TO ADD LIST OF RESPONSIBILITY With the help of this SCRIPT you would be able to add the RESPONSIBILITY List from backend. This script can also be modified to add a Single Responsibility, if it’s a single responsibility then that should be passed as a Parameter at run time and accordingly the script should … Continue reading