Intro on General Ledger

General Ledger: 1. General Ledger is the Central Repository from all the Sources (Modules). Below is the illustration of the Modules Integrated with General Ledger: 2. The Journals that are recorded in the GL is recorded compulsorily with the Source of GL. A source is used to determine the origin of the Journal Entry. Valid … Continue reading

Profile Options

Profile Options are used to determine the behavior of oracle application forms and programs. There are almost 7000+ profile options that come with a package. Each profile option can be set at 4 levels Site Application Responsibility User Site Level profile option is going to affect all the forms and programs of all the modules. … Continue reading

Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger

Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger: What are Cross Validation Rules? Cross Validation Rules are used to restrict the combination between the segments of a particular Chart of Accounts. As per our Example, we have the following segments Comp, Division, Location, Department, Account. Now to restrict TCS Company to create accounts with the combination … Continue reading