Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger

Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger:

What are Cross Validation Rules?

Cross Validation Rules are used to restrict the combination between the segments of a particular Chart of Accounts.

As per our Example, we have the following segments Comp, Division, Location, Department, Account.

Now to restrict TCS Company to create accounts with the combination say Cars and Trucks as division we define Cross Validation Rules (As TCS as a company in real time doesn’t deal with Cars and Trucks).

Note: To have better understanding on the Illustrations and Example suggestion is to read my other articles say article on Multi-Org and Flexfilelds for GL.

Steps to Enable Cross Validation Rules:

Enable the Cross Validation Segment options at our Chart Of Accounts.

System Administrator Responsibility

Navigation -> Setup -> Financials -> Flexfields -> Key -> Segments

If the Chart of Account is created earlier we need to Unfreeze Definition then Enable Cross Validation Segment then again Enable Freeze Definition then finally COMPILE

Next we need to define the Cross Validation Rules

System Administrator Responsibility

Navigation -> Setup -> Financials -> Flexfields -> Key -> Rules

Search for the Chart Of account that you have created.

Note: Here only the Chart Of accounts where in we have enabled cross validations rules is displayed.

 Next would be defining the Rule Name, for one Chart of Account we can define many Cross Validation Rules, Each cross validation rule must have an Include Rule. An include rule is used to determine all the possible code combination between the segment. An include rule can have one or more exclude rules. An exclude rule is used to exclude the combinations from an include rule.

Below is the illustration of cross validation rule between Company and Division this can be set with various other segment combinations as well.

Name: Rule1

Error Message: Invalid Code Combination

Error Segment: Division Segment (Directing the cursor to move to division segment when there is a error)

In the above illustration for company 02 only 11 to 20 are the valid division segment values that can be used for creating an account in the journals.

To test the cross validation rules

Navigate to Journals -> Enter -> New Journal and try entering an account.


  1. We can modify Cross Validation rule at any point of time but whenever we make the changes we must re-compile our chart of accounts.
  2. We must define Cross Validation rule before creating any code combination (Account created in Journal lines)
  3. For every Code Combination system generates code combination ID
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