Purchase Order (PO) and its Types

Purchase Order (PO)

Based on the details that are available the different types of PO are created as below

PO Types/Requirements ITEM Details Qty Details Price Terms Delivery Schedule
Standard PO
Planned PO X
Blanket Purchase Agreement X X
Contract Purchase Agreement X X X X/√ X


Contract Purchase Agreement just creates a contract with the Supplier and whenever we need any items we create a Standard PO against this contract purchase order agreement.

For Planned PO we define a Purchase Release when we require any items and in this Purchase Release we have the details of the Qty and the delivery schedules which is sent to the supplier.

For Blanket Purchase agreement we create a blanket release and when we require any item, in the blanket release we enter the Qty and delivery schedules.

For Contract PO we create a Standard Po against the Contract purchase agreement created.


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