Printing the Header Template in all the Pages in XML Report RTF File

Header to be printed on all the pages

In RTF File I recently had a requirement to define a customized header  template to be printed in all the pages, this can be defined by using the below approach

To start with define the said header template in the Body section between the below Tags:



TABLE Header

<?end template?>

Now we need to call the above template in the Header section as below:

<?call-template:Header?><?end template?>

This will print the Header in all the pages of the XML Publisher Output.

Another way would be to use the Tags <?Start Body?> and <?End Body?>

This can also be achieved by setting the Word Table Properties, We need to design a table with two rows one for Header and another one for the Details set the Header Row Table property as Repeat on All pages as Header and disable the same for the second row. Place the Header section that is to repeated in the first row and the detail section in the second row. By this also the header is printed on all pages.

Simple but very handy….

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