Difference Between Oracle R12.2 and R12.1 Release

Some difference that I came across between Oracle R12.2.5 and R12.1.3, Though these are simple differences and many might be aware of these changes. But wanted to bring it forward with these few bullet points below: Online Patching – R12.2 has 3 File System – RUN – FS1, PATCH – FS2 and FS_NE FS Non Edition … Continue reading

Simple Debugging Mechanism for PL/SQL Code Pack.

This article would help us while we trying to debug any existing package or trying to understand the functionality of a existing PL/SQL Object. Though its very simple but this 3 steps would easy guide you to debug when asked to do so. — Table Creation Script CREATE TABLE apps.xx_log_tbl ( name VARCHAR2 (100), msg … Continue reading