Script To Add a List of Responsibility to Once User

SCRIPT TO ADD LIST OF RESPONSIBILITY With the help of this SCRIPT you would be able to add the RESPONSIBILITY List from backend. This script can also be modified to add a Single Responsibility, if it’s a single responsibility then that should be passed as a Parameter at run time and accordingly the script should … Continue reading

Query for Bank Account information for Release R12

Query that retrieves bank account details at the Supplier Level for Release R12 SELECT ieba.ext_bank_account_id      , ieba.country_code      , ieba.branch_id      , ieba.bank_id      , ieba.bank_account_num      , ieba.masked_bank_account_num      , ieba.ba_mask_setting      , ieba.ba_unmask_length      , ieba.currency_code      , ieba.iban      , ieba.iban_hash1      , ieba.iban_hash2      , ieba.masked_iban      , ieba.check_digits      … Continue reading