Intro on General Ledger

General Ledger: 1. General Ledger is the Central Repository from all the Sources (Modules). Below is the illustration of the Modules Integrated with General Ledger: 2. The Journals that are recorded in the GL is recorded compulsorily with the Source of GL. A source is used to determine the origin of the Journal Entry. Valid … Continue reading

Profile Options

Profile Options are used to determine the behavior of oracle application forms and programs. There are almost 7000+ profile options that come with a package. Each profile option can be set at 4 levels Site Application Responsibility User Site Level profile option is going to affect all the forms and programs of all the modules. … Continue reading

Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger

Cross Validation Rules (CVR) in General Ledger: What are Cross Validation Rules? Cross Validation Rules are used to restrict the combination between the segments of a particular Chart of Accounts. As per our Example, we have the following segments Comp, Division, Location, Department, Account. Now to restrict TCS Company to create accounts with the combination … Continue reading

Ledger Sets in GL and its importance.

Ledger Set: Ledger Set is a collection of ledgers which are going to share the same Chart of Accounts and Calendar. The ledger set is used to access the data of multiple ledgers from a single responsibility. ( Say Ledger define in US and Ledger in IND). Why we create a Ledger Set? By creating … Continue reading

Understanding on Flex Fields (Focus on GL) in Apps

Flex fields are the flexible fields used to capture the business information of the organization. Flex fields are of two types. Key Flex Fields (KFF) Descriptive Flex Fields (DFF) Key Flex Fields are used to capture mandatory or key business information of the organization. Descriptive Flex Fields are used to capture additional or extra business … Continue reading

Some basic light on Intercompany and Intracompany in R12 GL

Intercompany and Intracompany in GL: In R12 we have modified concepts to track the accounts for Intercompany and Intracompany Accounts. Note: When compare to 11i the Intercompany is now Intracompany in R12 and there is a new concept introduced for Intercompany in R12. Intercompany transactions are the Transactions between the balancing segments across legal entities. … Continue reading