Receipt Routing Method in Purchase Orders

Receipt Routing Receipt Routing are of three types Direct, Standard and Inspection In Direct once the goods arrive at the gate we directly move them to Sub-Inv, in Standard once the goods are at gate we receive it at the receiving point first and then move them to the Sub-Inv and finally in Inspection once the … Continue reading

Structure of Standard PO

Structure of Standard PO PO Headers                        PO Lines                                 PO Shipments                                                 PO Distributions Each Line can have one or more PO Shipments, Each PO Shipment can have one or more PO Distributions. Some total of PO Distributions should be equal to Shipment Qty, Sum total of PO Shipment line should be equal to … Continue reading

Purchase Order (PO) and its Types

Purchase Order (PO) Based on the details that are available the different types of PO are created as below PO Types/Requirements ITEM Details Qty Details Price Terms Delivery Schedule Standard PO √ √ √ √ √ Planned PO √ √ √ √ X Blanket Purchase Agreement √ X √ √ X Contract Purchase Agreement X … Continue reading

Functional Overview Of P2P (Procure To Pay)

What is P2P? P2P stands for Procure to Pay. It’s a business process which involves the fulfillment of goods, items, resources etc in an organization inventory to keep business running smoothly and it ends with payment followed by reconciliation. P2P Process: Lets us consider an Inventory Organization where actually the items or the goods are … Continue reading