Enhancement in 11g Database

This Blog Post is for the benefit of the developers, who follow my blog. Below are few features that one can use while working on 11g database, these features would come handy while working on PL/SQL code design using 11g Database. I could figure out few of the enhancements in 11g while comparing it with … Continue reading

Oracle HRMS Payroll

Document as a link to understand Oracle HRMS Payroll technical details: Oracle HRMS Payroll_tech_info

NVL2 Function

NVL2 Function NVL2: check for the existence of NOT NULL Most of us are familiar with the NVL function which checks for the existence of NULL values. Oracle provides a new function called NVL2 which checks for the existence of NOT NULL. The syntax for this function is as follows. NVL2(expr1,expr2,expr3); If expr1 is not … Continue reading


ORACLE BULK COLLECT Oracle uses two engines to process PL/SQL code. All procedural code is handled by the PL/SQL engine while all SQL is handled by the SQL statement executor, or SQL engine. There is an overhead associated with each context switch between the two engines. If PL/SQL code loops through a collection performing the … Continue reading

Understanding the Auto Lockbox Mechanism in Accounts Receivables

Dive into to know Auto Lockbox Mechanism  : AR LOCKBOX APPROACH Now to know how Auto Lockbox is actually implemented in a step by step approach Dive into: Auto Lockbox Process Implementation Thank You……..

Basic’s of UNIX SHELL Scripting

Here is the link to refer for the Basic’s of UNIX SHELL Script : Click it to view in detail Basic Commands for UNIX SHELL Scripting Please feel free for any suggestions or comments which would be highly appreciated.

VMI Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI (VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY) Whenever the inventory quantity falls we opt for planning methods to increase the quantity. But if we want to outsource our inventory management to our supplier so that once the quantity falls short of certain level the supplier would be creating the release then wither he approves it or we would … Continue reading

Receipt Routing Method in Purchase Orders

Receipt Routing Receipt Routing are of three types Direct, Standard and Inspection In Direct once the goods arrive at the gate we directly move them to Sub-Inv, in Standard once the goods are at gate we receive it at the receiving point first and then move them to the Sub-Inv and finally in Inspection once the … Continue reading

Structure of Standard PO

Structure of Standard PO PO Headers                        PO Lines                                 PO Shipments                                                 PO Distributions Each Line can have one or more PO Shipments, Each PO Shipment can have one or more PO Distributions. Some total of PO Distributions should be equal to Shipment Qty, Sum total of PO Shipment line should be equal to … Continue reading

Purchase Order (PO) and its Types

Purchase Order (PO) Based on the details that are available the different types of PO are created as below PO Types/Requirements ITEM Details Qty Details Price Terms Delivery Schedule Standard PO √ √ √ √ √ Planned PO √ √ √ √ X Blanket Purchase Agreement √ X √ √ X Contract Purchase Agreement X … Continue reading